Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project of the Month: Magnet Magic

Making magnets has never been so easy. Follow these directions to create your own one of a kind magnets. 

First, I created (Thank you Shannon for sharing your template with me!) these magnets on a 12x12 scrapbook page in my design studio.  You can use template # 36902 in the gallery and change the squares to fit your style. I made mine with inspirational quotes and then ordered them.  Once they arrived I cut out the 2x2 inch squares for a total of 36.

I then went to the home improvement store and looked through their tile section.  I purchased this sheet of 36 2x2 inch tiles.  Each tile is held together by a heavy duty glue and you can break each one apart.  You can see in the upper left one is already been broken off.  It's great because this tile sheet has 36 tiles and it works perfectly for our sheet above that also has 36 squares. 
Next, I stopped at my local craft store and purchased a can of spray adhesive, spray sealer and package of circle magnets. 

Then I was ready to assemble my magnets. 
I took my paper square and sprayed adhesive on the back and put on top of the tile.

I let it dry overnight to insure that it was completely dry.  Read the direction on your adhesive to see their recommendations.  Once it was dry I sprayed the sealer over the paper and tile.  I let that dry for a few hours. 

Lastly, I turned the tile over and glued magnet on with hot glue.

Here is the final project hanging on my fridge with my other magnets.

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